Road Bikes

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Road Bikes are bicycles designed for riding on paved surfaces rather than off road. Road Bikes are built for speed with drop handlebars, multiple gears, narrow high pressure tyres and lightweight frame.
Variations of the Road Bike include:

Flat Bar Road Bikes – have flat handlebars rather than drop handlebars. This allows for a more upright, comfortable ride while maintaining a lightweight and fast bike design.
Hybrid Bikes – combining design features of Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes to create an “all-rounder”. Fast on the road but can handle some off road stuff.
Road Bikes For Sale – Online
Here at we have organised road bikes for sale on Ebay by location. Most sellers of bikes on Ebay select the “Local Pick Up Only” option, which means they will not deliver the bike to you. By searching for bikes by location on this website you can be assured of finding the bike you want in a place where you can easily pick it up.

Find road bikes for sale in:

Apart from Ebay, another great source of bikes for sale online is Gumtree.

Road Bikes For Sale – Shops
Find bike shops in your area using the True Local directory.

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