Road Bikes

Road Bikes

Road Bikes – choosing the best type for you

Road Bikes are bicycles designed for riding on smooth paved surfaces rather than off road. Road Bikes are built for speed and long rides with either drop handlebars or flat bars, multiple gears, narrow high pressure tyres and a lightweight frame. There is normally no suspension and this combined with the narrow tyres makes them very efficient for road riding.

Types of Road Bike include:

Drop Bar Road Bikes – have drop handlebars that originated from racing bikes. This allows for a more aerodynamic position and enables you to get into a position to deliver maximum power to the pedals. Pedals are usually clip in. Wheels are 700c commonly in 23mm width and in recent years road bikes have seen a large increase in carbon wheels being used. Power meters are becoming increasingly more common on racing bikes as well as more research is being done proving the benefits.

Flat Bar Road Bikes – have flat handlebars rather than drop handlebars. This allows for a more upright, comfortable ride while maintaining a lightweight and fast bike design.

Hybrid Bikes – combining design features of Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes to create an “all-rounder”. Fast on the road but can handle some off road stuff.

Time Trial Bikes – Time trial bikes are very specialized, usually only used on Time Trials or Triathlons. Very aerodynamic and fast for solo races against the clock.

Bicycle Sizing

Make sure you get fitted up properly by your local bike store or a bike fit professional when looking to a buy a road bike. Comfort is essential to have an enjoyable ride and a good bike fit usually makes you faster as well.

Road Bike Brands

There are too many great road bike brands to list on one page but keep an eye out for our cycling and bike directory coming soon on Bicycles for Sale where you will find all brands of road bikes for sale.

Scott Foil Road Bike
Scott Foil Road Bike